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With the supermarket shelves bare a little bit of panic is inevitable. This panic can easily upset your hard work when it comes to food. Our Dietitian, Amanda Brady has provided us with some quick tips that can keep your goals on track while life is in hibernation mode:


1. Plan ahead. Download a meal planner and jot down your meals at least 7 days ahead. Use a shopping list that has a meal planner on the same page. This will help keep costs down and make sure you get everything you need in one trip.

2. Now is not the time to start that new diet. It might seem like a great idea with all that down time you have but habits started now might not be compatible with everyday life, this can lead you down a yoyo diet path where weight regained is always more then you lost!

3. Have healthy food come to you. If you are time poor there are numerous options to have nutritious food come to you. With prepared meals such as You Foodz or ingredient delivery operations such as Hello Fresh still operating now is the perfect time to try these time-saving healthy solutions.

4. Food safety is more important then ever. If your food hygiene is poor i.e. raw meat defrosting in the sun too long or re-heating leftovers seven days straight, you may end up with a dose of gastro which will weaken your immune response and increase your susceptibility to other illnesses such as COVID-19. Check used by dates, use leftovers in 2-3 days max and keep food temps in the right range.

5. Lastly, make sure you compensate for the reduction in activity. Without our usual daily routine of getting to work or school drop off we are doing, on average, 2000 less steps per day. This equates to that large latte and couple of home-made Anzac bickies. So if were not moving as much we need to compensate with the calories. Skip the biscuits for now and try some fresh fruit and a small latte.

For more advice and dietary education, give our administration team a call on 3281 8876 to organise an appointment with Amanda.