Hydrotherapy is an exercise based form of physiotherapy treatment. A variety of exercises can be performed in the heated pool (usually 33-37°C).

The warmer temperature combined with the sensory input from the water pressure allows your muscles to relax and can ease the pain in your joints.

The buoyancy of the water helps to support your body weight, reducing the stress on your joints and muscles. It also allows you to exercise through an increased range of movement. By pushing your arms or legs against the water you are also able to improve your muscle strength, co-ordination and balance.

Our Sessions

All of our hydrotherapy sessions are supervised by a Physiotherapist. We run a group session as well as individualised programs.

Before attending Hydrotherapy we prefer to have an intial assessment in our clinic rooms to discuss your injury, general health and what you would like to achieve from attending Hydrotherapy. We will then discuss with you if Hydrotherapy is appropriate for your  condition and develop a treatment plan.

The Swim Factory – 1 Martin Street, Woodend 4305

Pool Entry

$8 to be paid on arrival at the pool each visit

Leichhardt Swim Centre – 1 Gray Street, Ipswich 4305

All sessions by appointment only.

Pool Entry

Adult – $5.20

Child – $4.20

Concession – $3.50

Pool Access

The pool is easily accessible to those with limited mobility. There is a ramp to access the pool deck and railings with stairs to enter the pool. Please note the chair hoist is no longer available at McMahons Swim Factory

Private Patient Fees

Initial Consultation – $100

  • Concession – $90

Subsequent Consultation – $90

  • Concession – $80

Group Session – $35

Work Cover/Third Party/DVA Patients

Pool entry fee covered by Physioactive when being treated by a physiotherapist at the pool. Entry to pool at other times to be paid by the patient.

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