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As the Christmas holidays approach, formal training, and conditioning start to wind down. As we should, we shift our focus to enjoying our time off after busy years, sporting seasons and training regimes. However, we often find the reload process post-Christmas, particularly for those with an injury history can be a common cause for physical break down, re-aggravation and the development of load related conditions.  

Whilst Physiotherapist’s and Exercise Physiologist’s here at Physioactive specialise in the rehabilitation of sporting and musculoskeletal conditions, we work hard to emphasise the importance of injury prevention and forward planning. That doesn’t sound that exciting, does it? Think of it as “Body Insurance”, a free policy and plan you can undertake that research tells us is effective in maintaining and developing capacity, lowering the risk of injury, and keeping you primed for the season to come. Remove the need for formalities and the structured approach to exercise, these “prehab” programs are a small battery of targeted strengthening, stability or mobility-based exercises individually tailored to meet the needs of your injury history, current injury and return to activity goals.  

Our musculoskeletal system is made up of five different tissues; bone, muscle, ligament, tendon, nerve, with each individual tissue positively and negatively reactive to certain stressors. Expert knowledge in these areas, along with targeted programming form the crux of the “Body Insurance preventative program.” Considerations around weekly exercise load (running, jumping etc), exposure to high impact exercises (pertinent for healthy bone load and tendon capacity), sport and age specific strengthening and balance training all come together to formulate this off-season gem.  

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Written by Aidan Lunney – APA Titled Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist