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Patients in years gone by have found that effectively treating fungal nail infections have always proved difficult. With options available to them in the past being fairly limited or unappealing.

Historically the main forms of treatment have been either pretty unimpressive topical (paint on) treatments, oral medication which can come with some concerning side effects or surgery that would permanently remove the nail entirely!

Not only that. But fungal toenail infections, medically known as onychomycosis, affect approximately 10% of the population in Australia.

However in the last few years new methods of treatment have made their way into clinical practice thanks to laser technology. Two main variants of this treatment exist being hot laser and cold laser.

Multi-site clinical trials completed within our network show success rates of at least 71% with hot laser, although experienced practitioners who minimised cross-infection risks have shown success rates in excess of 80%! Compared to topical treatments of 8-10% & oral treatments at 50% this is a substantial increase in effectiveness. Particularly when it has no downtime post treatment and no major side effects.

Cameron has been trained and offering laser since 2015. Previously providing the service in Rockhampton. He found these statistics to mirror his practice. Having recently installed a laser here in Ipswich in December 2019, Cameron is excited to be able to provide such a service to the Ipswich region.

If you have any further queries about the treatment please do not hesitate in booking an assessment with our Podiatrist Cameron here at My Foot Dr Ipswich to find out if it is an appropriate treatment for you.