Our Speech Pathologist works with children to assess and provide therapy in the following areas:
~ Speech
~ Fluency
~ Language
~ Phonology
~ Pre Literacy Skills
During your childs first session their speech and/or language skills will be assessed. The results of this assessment will indicate whether it is recommended that they attend therapy.

Speech Pathology

Integrated Allied Health




The therapist may assess and provide therapy for the sounds your child can or cannot say. Your child may have difficulty with moving their lips and  tongue and not be able to say sounds correctly. This is an articulation difficulty.


The therapist may assess your child's fluency while speaking. Some children repeat sounds or words when speaking, this is called stuttering or dysfluency.


The therapist may assess and provide therapy for your child's language abilities. These may include: understanding directions, the words and language they use to get their meanings across, their understanding of words, e.g. prepositions (in, on, under) or vocabulary and sentence structure.

If you would like to make an appointment our Speech Pathologist is available:


Jill: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


Your child may use their own set of rules to 'simplify' a sounds, for example they may say 'tar' instead of 'car' because they have learnt to sat 't' instead of 'k' sounds. This is phological difficulty

Pre Literacy Skills

A therapist may assess your  child's phonological awareness. This is the ability to be able to break down a word in its parts. For example:

~ sound awareness: 'car' is made of two sounds 'c' and 'ar'

~ syllable awareness and rhyme: 'car rhymes with bar'.

These skills are important in the development of reading and writing.

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