Women's Health and Pelvic Floor related Physiotherapy


Within our Physiotherapy assessment and treatment we are also able to offer specialised and targeted treatment options for women and their specific needs.


We are able to support women through their pregnancies and the related concerns and problems that can arise during this time. These can include: pelvic floor dysfunction, rectus diastisis (abdominal splitting) and musckuloskeletal treatment for posture-related pain, lower back and pelvic pain.


We also offer post-birth care including: pelvic floor re-education, rectus diastis management, mastitis treatment and education, and musculoskeletal treatment.


Exercising during and after pregnancy can also be an issue for women, with many not knowing what exercises are safe. During our sessions together we can discuss your current training load or what your goals are and formulate a safe program for your body. Exercises can include gym programs, walking, swimming and Clinical Physiotherapy Group Classes.


When assessing the pelvic floor we are able to use Real-Time Ultrasound to view your abdominal muscles, or we can perform an internal examination which can provide more comprehensive assessment results. Which assessment we do is entirely up to you and what you are comfortable with.


Our Women's Health Physiotherapists:


~ Anne: Pelvic floor, Clinical Physiotherapy Exercise Group Classe

~ Renae: Pelvic floor

~ Peta: Pelvic Floor, Clinical Physiotherapy Group Classes

Clinical Physiotherapy Group Class Timetable

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